A Legacy of Best-in-Class Hot Tubs and Home Spas – Welcome to Dimension One Spas

We are a company committed to bringing you the most technologically advanced portable Hot Tubs, Home Spas, and AquaFit Swim Spas on the market today. Our Hot Tubs and AquaFit Swim Spas are the product of over three decades of continuous perfection in design, innovation and performance.

Owning a portable Hot Tub allows you to relax, rejuvenate, heal, and keep fit. Indulge in a whole new way of living with intelligently-engineered features and superior hydrotherapy that only a D1 Hot Tub can offer.

Dimension One Spas are designed so you can get the most out of your backyard. Whether you’re looking for value with our @home line, performance with our Reflections line, or luxury with our prestigious Bay Collection, you can find a portable hot tub that fits your needs.

What Makes Dimension One Spas Different?

Leader in Innovation: We employ the best minds in the industry to make for an unmatched user experience. Our Home Spas boast of the best innovation, design and performance, that are continually refined year after year.

Environmentally Friendly and cost effective: Luxury doesn’t have to mean squandering natural resources or high monthly bills. We are big on our little footprint. Our energy-efficient products are a perfect example of this. For instance, in 1981, Dimension One Spas became the first company to manufacture a fully insulated spa and remains one of the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market, costing you, and the earth less.

Customer Care: At Dimension One Spas, customer care is the art of listening to the needs of our customers and taking care of them from start to finish. From the intuitive design of our Hot Tubs to the ease of ownership, D1 is here for you.

Dimension One Spas continues to add to the breadth and depth of its product line through continuous innovation and customer feedback. We encourage you to browse through our four product lines and informative videos. For more information, please contact your local D1 dealer here.

Product Lines

@Home Collection

Welcome to the End of the Perfect Day Soaking in the ultra-relaxing water of your private escape. Listen to the water gliding elegantly through the air before gently slipping into the center of your spa. Welcome home. Step up. Step in. Start living. D1’s @Home Hot Tubs found the right way to combine affordable enjoyment, luxury and performance. Whether it’s for healing, relaxing, family fun or creating uncompromising intimacy and romance, the @Home Hot Tub does it all. WayfarerThe versatile Wayf …

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Bay Collection

Water Holds the Power To invigorate the spirit, replenish the soul, refresh the mind and relax the body. It can help wash away tension, rekindle romance and ignite your passions. This combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge has waited centuries to find its sublime expression in D1 Bay Collection portable spas. The Bay Collection represents the ultimate in luxury, style, and performance. Its unique interplay of water, light, and sound, gently soothes the body while it relaxes the mind. …

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Reflections Collection

The Healing Power of Water For more than 30 years Dimension One Spas has harnessed the healing power of water to improve your well-being through our highly innovative methods and technologies. Our legacy of innovation and quality, combined with the science of Hydronomics, makes our Reflections line the classic showcase as the preeminent leader in your personal relaxation. Advanced engineering. A legacy of quality. The science of Hydronomics. D1 Reflections line showcases the heritage of thinking …

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AquaFIT Systems

The AquaFIT System by Dimension One Spas Is an endless lap swimming pool and hydrotherapy exercise machine in one. It provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the entire family. Whether you’re exercising, training, teaching your kids how to swim, or relaxing in the hydrotherapy seats, will accommodate all your aquatic needs. The Ultimate Swim Spa The AquaFIT System by Dimension One Spas is more than just an aquatic exercise machine–it’s a full underwater gym. Provides the best hydrotherapy and …

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